JMA 610 inland river radar

With the introduction of the JMA 610 river radar, Alphatron Marine presents the next-generation of the highly successful JMA 609, of which more than 2000 have been in service since its introduction in 2004. The JMA 610 has many of the characteristics of the JMA 609. After all, why mess with a good thing! Still, the technicians of Alphatron and JRC have succeeded in adding functions that are actually useful. The photoshot® and AIS functionalities, in particular, are two exceptional additions to this radar, a navigation centre that is considered the best of its kind.But operator feedback has also inspired changes that have further improved image quality and ease of use.

Specification JMA 610

Weight apx.41
Beam width horizontal 1 degree
vertical 25 degree
RPM 26/36/48 auto or manualy (only 6 and 7ft.)
Transmission output 4.9 kW
Pulse width 0.05 0.1 0.3 0.6us
PRF 4000 2000 1000
Reciever Logarithmic, IF=60MHz


Versatile and simple

The JMA 610 is able to convert the radar screen into a multifunctional display system without limitations. However for the operator who is only interested in using the basic radar functions the extra functions can be switched on and off.

Multifunctional design

The new JMA 610 is designed to seamlessly fit into the Multifunctionline concept in case a combination with other MF instruments within the Multifunctionline is realized.

Display unit

The display unit's state of state of the art design also makes it very suitable for console mounting, as the front plate is nearly flush. An optional adjustable bulkhead mounting bracket is available for the installation of the display unit in almost every tilting angle.

Control panel

All necessary control buttons for the radar within a hand's reach due to the handy design. A build in roller ball is available to operate the various menu functions.

Dynamic own ships information

If connected to an optional GPS (compass), a read out of ground speed and course as well as the ships position appears at the screen. In case of two GPS systems, a read out of the actual ground speed over the bow and stern are visualized on the screen.

Electronic chart display

The JMA 610 is suitable for connection to various electronic chart systems like the advanced RADARpilot720° and the new Alphachart radarscan. The radar display is also suitable for displaying non-radar overlay electronic chart systems like the Alphachart river package. Radar information is transferred over LAN without any loss of integrity

Ship position prediction

When connected to a GPS on the foreship and a GPS on the stern, the ships turning vectors can be displayed as a predic-tion to the upcoming position. The time period is adjustable to a maximum of 5 minutes.


The JMA 609 was far ahead of its time in reading AIS informa-tion from the radar screen. The JMA 610 goes even one step further; not only is it suitable for connection to a separate AIS river radar but it can also fully integrate the AIS.Settings and readouts are displayed on the radar screen. With one press of the AIS key on the control panel the ships names appear beside the identification labels.


When connected to a compass and a speed measurement system,the JMA 610 displays true vectors in relative motion presentation. Indeed a great help in determining moving targets.

Drawin own ships contours and simple basic symbols

The JMA 610 offers the possibility to draw in individual ships contours as well as creating a few simple information lines and symbols. Through this feature, even a very basic map can be constructed.


Who hasn't found themselves in a situation where they think "I wish I could've filmed that". Now, with one press of the but-ton you can activate the unique photoshot® function, which has never before been used in a river radar, to start recording the radar image. The actual situation in and around the ship is recorded flawlessly on a memory card and can be playbacked on a computer for analysis or as evidence material when nec-essary. The JMA 610 is fitted with a basic black box function.