A full line of advanced instruments of patented design known by its ease of operation through good illuminated function keys as well as a built in LCD screen selectable in three colours.

Alphapilot MF

Digital river pilot for rate of turn steering on narrow waters and rivers. Ships characteristics are fed into the system by software. Remote control or second full command station are available as option.

Alphatriopilot MF

The Alphatrio pilot MF is a combined rudder indicator, rate of turn indicator and river pilot.

Alphaturn MF

Advanced rate of turn indicator provided with an analogue pointer and LCD screen for digital display of rate of turn, trend and alarms. I/O to river pilot, radar and chart system to be connected to separate rate sensor of Alphaminicourse Gyrocompass. Range scales 45°-0°-45°, 90°-090° and 300°-0°-300° degree per minute. CAN bus option.

Alpharudder MF

Advanced rudder indicator provided with an analogue pointer and LCD information screen for digital display of rudder angle, alarms and settings. Optional CAN bus interface.

Alphawind MF

Advanced wind information center provided with an analogue pointer for display of wind direction and a LCD screen for display of wind speed. Optional CAN interface and I/O to users like Ecdis, Conning and (S)VDR. Connectable to various mast sensors including ultrasonic types.

Alphacall MF

Advanced intercom station suitable for 10 substations. 'All call' facilities as well as PA functionality, call alerts from substations and various call tones.

Alphadepth MF

Advanced shallow water echosounder provided with an analogue pointer for depth information (from 35 cm). LCD screen for display of second transducer readings, depth history, alarm setting keel offset etc. The Alphadepth MF display is connectable to its own depth transducer or could be configured to work as a repeater unit if connected up to another depth sounder with an approximate NMEA output sentence. Option CAN bus interface.