RADARpilot720° is a unique inland navigation system that coherently integrates radar with data of the global positioning system (GPS) and the electronic river chart ECDIS. At first glance, all essential information is available for the helmsman. Approximately 800 ships in Central Europe are equipped with RADARpilot720° already.

  • overlay of radar and ECDIS chart
  • high capacity PCI RADARinterface card
  • Inland ECDIS certificate
  • Inland AIS
  • highly accurate position fixes by differential GPS
  • rate-of-turn indicator
  • display of depth and fairway
  • network connection with firewall
  • download of current gauges
  • extended chart coverage
  • guiding lines
  • trip computer mit VHF channel indication
  • indication of fuel consumption
  • multi radar
  • 26 " screen
  • Light Edition (LE) with AIS